Sugar Shea Butter Scrub

Sugar Shea Butter Scrub


Perfect for gently scrubbing your skin. Our scrub is hydrating, protective, and i used to get rid of unwanted skin cell buildup.

  • Cosmo Care

    Place a dime-sized amount on the face and/or body for gentle exfoliation. Use your fingertips or cloth to spread product across your face and/or body. Rinse off with a warm cloth.

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  • Ingredients

    Sucrose (Organic Sugar), Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (Shea Butter), Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil (Safflower Oil), Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Organic Sunflower Oil), Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil (Apricot Kernel Oil), Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil(Grapeseed Oil), Cucurbita Pepo Seed Oil (Pumpkin Oil),  Morinda Citrifolia Extract (Noni Extract)

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